My winning day in Almanarre! 3rd place at KTE France!

After a pretty bad start of my competition season, I was quite excited to compete at the first stop of the european tour! Get back my confidence and show some good moves in my heats - well, that was the plan.


The Single Elimination started off with 25-30 Knots onshore wind and pretty choppy water. I knew it's not gonna be easy for my in those conditions, as they aren't really my favourite ones. The first day of competition took a fast ending for me. I lost the first heat against strong riding Jerrie van de Kop (NL). Of course that was quite disappointing.


After loosing early in the Singles, it means a hard and long way up the ladder to get a good ranking in the end.

On the next day we went straight into the Double Elimination and the conditions where much better than the day before. Solid 9 to 11m weather. I felt quite confident during my first two heats and landed some powered tricks. In my 3rd Heat i was up against Johnno Scholte (NL) who is riding on a pretty good level. My heat went well and I advanced. After winning over Sander Bos from the Netherlands, Patrick Blanc from Spain in a really close Heat and Ben Bowd I made it to 3rd place! In the Semi-Final against young ripper Liam Whaley from Spain I was still able to show some good tricks like a Frontblind Mobe, Mobe 5 and a well powered Slim. Unfortunately I crashed my 317 and lost against Liam.


I was stoked to win a 3rd place and to make it all the way through 8 Heats up on the podium!


Check out some shots from France!