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Without A Jersey - Isla Coche

When i was starting to kite, I was watching videos all day long because i coulndt get enough of it.. Since i came on the Worldtour i always tried to find time to make videos. Videos that make me stoked, and make me wanna go ride as well as for other people to get stoked on. It motivates me and takes my mind a bit of competitions and heats.

AS ALWAYS - New Capetown video

AS ALWAYS is finally online.


Check out this new edit together with my team mate Mario Rodwald produced by Enjoy the Soup / Manu Grafenauer.

Enjoy the summer vibes!



Capetown 2014 - a blast!

This years winter was quite a short one. Capetown was delivering some good conditions like every year and to spend the off-season in the south african summer is probably the best you can do. It's insane what this place offers.. Surfing in the morning, Kiting, Wakeboarding, Gym and super good food. You will never get bored.


Profil Stefan Spiessberger

  • Name: Stefan Spiessberger
  • Birthday: Oct/30/1989
  • Home: Traunsee/Austria
  • Profession: Professional Kitesurfer